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Location and space :
Our production facility is located at 34, P.N.Naidu industrial area,Near Amarnagar, MIDC, Hingna, Nagpur 440 016 (India). The plot area is approximately 4000 m2 . The total covered area is 1300 m2

Machines and Equipment :

The uniqueness of the constituents of our sub arc fluxes have prompted us to develop and produce our own machines except the standard weighing and sieveing machines which are procured of standard brands. We have dry powder mixer, wet mixer, granulators and two rotary baking kilns. The kilns are indegeneously designed and fabricated. These are used for continuous baking of green flux at relatively high temperatures. This facilitates uniform baking of flux since each flux grain goes through the same temperature zone in contrast to grains in batch type baking facilities. The baked flux is then sieved in vibro seperators to the specific grain size requirements of the consumers

We have an appropriately equiped chemical analysis laboratory in the factory with a trained chemist to work. The laboratory has complete facilities as well as we have developed special expertise to analyze metallic as well as oxides, ores and minerals. We have an equipped mechanical test laboratory to conduct tensile, bend, charpy and izod impact test. We also have a low temperature bath to test charpy impact specimens at sub-zero temperatures. The requisite test temperature once set is maintained in this facility. We also have a We combined Brinell/Rockwell hardness tester to test the deposit hardness. We have a good applications laboratory having a 800-ampere DC power source and a small rotator, positioner and torch mounted motorised tractor with wire oscillation facility. With this combination we can simulate large types of work situations to evaluate the suitability of our products for various requirements and applications of our customers. This facility is also used to evaluate the performance of development fluxes.

The application lab is designed by keeping into mind the welding requirements of customers from different sectors. This facilitates testing of flux/wires for different applications in different service conditions.

To test the performance of the finished fluxes and wires, we have installed two SAW machines with all supporting accessories. This enables the replication of actual filed weld conditions and provides the actual performance of the products.

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